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Current Call Interrupted by Another Call

Last Updated: May 22, 2012 01:30PM CDT
There may be two issues that result in this behavior:

1. Symptom: Conference call interrupted by outside caller.
This appears to occur as incidents where a channel is not correctly disconnected. Perform the following:
  • Check the number of active channels in your PBX.
  • Ensure that the number of active channels matches the number of active calls.
  • If these numbers differ, disconnect the hung channels.
  • The channel may need to be manually disconnected.
  • Correct functionality should be restored.

Please make sure that you are running atomOS v2.3.0 or later.
2. Symptom:  Audio cutting out on receiving a second call.
Temporary workaround:
When the second call comes in, all you need to do to restore the audio link with your first caller is:
  • Press the hold button (bottom right corner of the Snom 870 phone)
  • Touch the icon for the call that appears in the call queue on the right side of the display (it will be orange, as opposed to the incoming unanswered call, which will be red)
  • You should at this point have restored the audio connection

If the issue continues, the phone may need to be upgraded to the latest firmware version. Please refer to the phone manufacturer's support site for further information. This is a known issue with certain Snom phones and older firmware versions.  For specific Snom products, please refer to:

This may also have to do with CPU overload, and multi-threading issues with the running version of atomOS, depending upon hardware constraints.
This will most likely be resolved with an upcoming Asterisk update.

Please make sure that you are running atomOS v2.3.0 or later.

1. 症状:会议通话被其它电话打断。
  • 检查PBX活动通道数量。
  • 请确保活动通道数量与有效呼叫数量匹配。
  • 如果数量不匹配,请断开鸿通道。.
  • 通道也许需要手动断开。
  • 功能设置需要重置。

请确保运行atomOS v2.3.0或更高版本。
2. 症状:  当接收第二个呼叫时,音频被切断。
  • 按住“保持”键(在Snom870电话的右下角)
  • 触摸在右方显示在呼叫列队内的呼叫图标(此图标为橙色,相反,未接呼叫是红色的)
  • 此时您应该重置音频连接。



请确保您运行的是atomOS v2.3.0或更新版本。

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